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Austrian Curling

Austrian Curling can be played by the whole family. It is primarily a game played for fun. Tournaments are more serious, but even there the fun factor should not be neglected.


The „Icestock“ is mostly made from pear or maple wood. They have a wrought-iron ring surround and a wooden handle made of birch or ash. They can be quite different in form, size and weight.

Play Field

Austrian Curling is played on frozen ponds, lakes or dammed rivers. Often especially built "rinks" are used. The alley should be at least 40m long (depending on the type of ice or snow). A stave (wooden cube, approx. 10x10cm with bevelled edges) is used as aim. It is also called „a Daube“.


Team size is not regulated and depend on the number of players, 4-20. At tournaments there are 4-5 players per team. With an odd number playing, a team has to play with a "Moar". What means, one player of the smaller teams plays twice.

Team building

It can either be free chosen or the players can be placed in a circle around the stave (“Daube”, wooden cube) and on command, each player bumps his „Icestock“ with his foot in the direction of the stave. The „Icestocks“ which are located closest to the stave belong to Team 1 (close), the rest are Team 2 (far). If there are an odd number of players, the “Icestock” which is closest to the stave is the "Moar" and plays twice. It is recommended to mark the “Icestocks” of one team. (rubber bands, straps, etc.)


In “wild playing” it does not matter where the stave ends up during a game, it only counts to place the “Icestock” close to the stave. Team 1 starts (close). Than Team 2 (far). The team furthest away from the stave has to play
as long as one “Icestock” is closer (doesn’t have to be the one played last). The “Icestock” of the team which is closer to the stave as that of the opposing team, is worth one point. Points are added together based on a previously agreed number of ends. The winner is the team with the most points.