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The history of ice stock sport

Ice stock sport (also known as Austrian Curling) is a winter sport, somewhat similar to curling. In Austria, it is known as Eisstockschie▀en. Competitors slide ice stocks over an ice surface, aiming for a target, or to cover the longest distance. Ice stocks have a gliding surface, to which a stick (ca 30 cm) is attached. The sport, mostly practised in Austria and southern Germany, has been demonstrated at the Winter Olympic Games on two occasions. Although the sport is traditionally played on an ice surface, events are also held on tarmacs in summer.

Pieter Breugel d. ─. (Wikipedia)

Although the sport is probably much older, the first proof of ice stock sport being practised stems from a 16th century painting by Dutch painter Pieter Breugel. It would take until the 1930s before the sport became organized. A German federation was established in 1934, and German championships were established two years later.

European Championships were first held in 1951, and World Championships were first held in 1983, after the International Federation Ice Stock Sport (IFE) had been established.

Source: Wikipedia