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Austrian Curling – a very special experience

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Austrian curling – a game for everyone: it’s fun for adults and little ones, for young and old alike.  One day of Austrian Curling offers your clients, staff members, business partners, salespeople or your friends an unforgettable experience. Let us manage the entire organisation for you; we will provide the equipment, serve drinks and delicious delicacies and finally organize a unique closing event and the award ceremony.

Zum Vergrößern bitte Anklicken!

Fun and jamboree! Austrian curling is a game of pure fun! Austrian Curling means enjoyment and entertainment at its best. The cheerful and casual atmosphere easily helps you to strengthen the motivation of your employees, deepen the relationship between your clients and business partners or attract new customers. New contacts will be established and existing contacts will be strengthened.

Our service:

  • We will arrange the rental of the ice rink and we will make sure that you have the perfect framework conditions.
  • For a stable position, we will bring special metal plates, also called "Fuassln", and we will put up the targets (known as "Hasln" or "Dauben").
  • Hungry or thirsty? No problem: we will spoil you with tasty snacks and drinks.
  • In order to guarantee a smooth running of the funny game, we will explain the simple rules in the beginning. 
  • During the game, our qualified staff members will make sure that all rules are followed by the players. 
  • We will record the score and evaluate it for the award ceremony subsequent to the event or in the evening.
  • In the framework of the award ceremony, all players of the first three teams will be awarded precious trophies.
Zum Vergrößern bitte Anklicken!

Interested? Please send us an e-mail with reference to: “request”. We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer for your event!

E-mail: office@signworks.at